Suppliers & Exporters of Second Hand Used Shoes

These are sorted and graded quality used shoes for African market. All our shoes are sourced from United Kingdom, sorted and graded by our professional graders to the highest standard. We do not remove crème so you will find some new or hardly worn shoes in the mix. The shoes are packed in translucent bags of 25 kgs or 30 kgs. We can also supply in big bags of 150 kilograms or more if required.

A sample order of 500kgs can also be supplied.

Grades Explained

Grade A.

These are top quality shoes all in a very good condition. We do not remove crème and therefore this lot will also include some new or hardly worn shoes.

Grade A/B.

Grade B is a little bit worn than Grade A and may have some minor defects but still in wearable conditions. In this lot there will be approximately 30% grade B and 70% Grade A.

Grade B can also be packed separately if required